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10/6/2015 Aline Smithson reviews Femme Papel at RayKo Photo Center on Lenscratch:

Vanessa Marsh has been hunkering down in the RayKo darkrooms for more than a year since her artist residency ended

8/04/2015 Michael Franco writes about my series Falling for CNET's Tech Culture section

Artist Vanessa Marsh makes beautiful photos of skies filled with star and nebula, but she does it without a camera- or a sky.

8/4/2014 Nathaniel Ainley writes about new images from Falling on Vice's The Creators Project

[Exclusive] These Cosmic Landscape Photos Were Created Without a Camera

7/30/2015 Taylor Glascock of WIRED writes about my series Falling.

These Photos of Starry Nights Aren’t of Starry Nights

6/28/2015 Aline Smithson features my work on Lenscratch:

"Her images are camera-les creations filled with magic, beauty and mystery."

2/23/2015 Sarah Coolidge interviewed me for ZYZZYVA's Blog:

Reimagining Landscape, Q&A with Photographer Vanessa Marsh